Acne and Tobacco Smoking

Acne is a condition that affects people around the world. It causes concern among people and causes a lot of anxiety physically and mentally. Acne is caused by hormones. Together with dirt and oil clogging the pores then you got acne.

Of course, there are also some reasons like stress, bad diet and there is smoking. Smoking is not only bad for the lungs and heart but also bad for your skin. According to studies, smoking can cause breakouts. It can also block pores and cause blackheads. Smokers have aggravated acne than those non-smokers. Smoking has a devastating effect to the skin that it makes it dry and flaky.

It is stated in a.b.b. blog that, smoking is so bad it can kill skin cells leaving you with a coarse and lack of luster skin. This in turn will invite acne to your skin. Acne that is swelling and red and thick.

So, what to do? Well one thing is to stop smoking. It will take months or years before the residue of tobacco goes out of your system completely. Then detoxify your body with known detoxifying ways.

Acne can be minimized, or event treated with the right approach and tons of discipline.