I Fell in Love with Vaping

Vaping has got me good. It was a very satisfying and a great hobby for me. I love it all the way. Me and my vaporizers are inseparable. Wherever I go they go. They are like my buddies that we do things together.

How did I end up this way? What triggered for my love of vaping to get this far? Well, to start, I was a smoker, a tobacco smoker. I am chain smoker, I can smoke and consume one pack of cigarette in one session. It was so severe that I was haunted by different kinds of health problems brought by my smoking.

The worst of it all is that my family is affected by it, because of second hand smoke. They too have acquired health problems like cough, asthma and other respiratory related illness.

From there on I knew I should stop and look for an alternative for my smoking. That is when I found out about vaping. My friend recommended it to me. First time I tried it and I instantly like it.

There where so many positive things that happened to me. My sense of smell went back and it was great, I can smell my food better now than before. I am more active now and I can for miles without panting so much. Unlike before, I gasp for breath every time I engage in physical activities.

I got hooked to vaping, I would browse the internet and read useful sites, like Vaporizer Friend. This is a great site, it has vaporizer comparisons like volcano vaporizer versus the herbalizer two great products that I really like. There reviews are on point that is great to read. I recommend you this site.

So that is it on how I was hooked and love vaping. That is my story hope enjoyed it. See you on the next one..

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